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GST Reconciliation

GST reconciliation is the process of matching your business purchase data with the invoices raised by  suppliers and to match your sales with your customers’ purchases. It sounds simple right? But it is very tedious and time-consuming if it is done manually or in Excel. This GST reconciliation can be fully automated using the options in the reconciliation module of EaseMyGST. 

Types of Reconciliation


Reconciliation between GSTR- 3B and the GSTR 2A or GSTR-2B to match Input Tax Credit (ITC)


Reconciliation between GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 to know discrepancies in sales details


Identifying discrepancies between the provisional ITC and the actual ITC claimable under GSTR-2B 


Reconciliation of the GSTR 9- Govt auto-populated data with your closing book balance GSTR 9

GST Reconciliation Levels

PAN level

GSTN level

Vendor level

Invoice level

Read on to find out how the reconciliation module helps you avoid GST scrutiny, ITC losses and suspension of GST registration all while saving you time and effort.

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Save Time with Bulk Uploads and Data Integration

Simply eliminate or massively reduce the preparation time for GST Returns with bulk import of sales data, bulk download of GSTR 2A. With advanced data integrations with Ginesys ERP and other accounting products, the process for data upload can be fully automated.

Bulk Uploads and Data Integration with EaseMyGST
Advanced Data Reporting on EaseMyGST

Drill Deeper into data with Advanced Reporting

Get a PAN-level view, GSTIN level view and vendor-wise views. We can even enable custom reports based on your requirement. Advanced reports of GSTR1 vs GSTR3B, GSTR2 vs GSTR2B, GSTR2B party wise and many more are available out of the box.

Manage multiple GSTINs from a single login

With a single login you can manage multiple GSTINs. Collaborative working is easier with multi-user access and a cloud-based platform. You can even invite your vendors to sign into the same platform and update their details directly in EaseMyGST.

Manage multiple GSTINs on EaseMyGST
IRN Reconciliation on EaseMyGST

Facility to Reconcile IRN

Before filing GSTR 1 you can go through our solution of E-invoice reconciliation, where you can get E-invoice data from govt portal & find the invoice-wise details of ‘No IRN’, ‘Only IRN’, ‘Match’ & ‘Mismatch’ status and more.

Advance Reconciliation Logic

Use advanced reconciliation logic to get the best options to match mismatched / unmatched invoices. You can also set a ‘tolerance’ for matching based on your needs.

Advanced Reconciliation Logic
ITC Claims Corrections

Correct ITC Claims with Accurate Matching

Features like matching invoices beyond financial years, beyond invoice numbers and other rule-based GST reconciliations and smarter algorithms offer higher 100% match of 2B -2P data.

Ensure Vendor Compliance with Easy Reconciliation and Communication

Check vendor GSTINs Status in bulk, match GSTR 2A2B with reconciliation, bulk mail missing invoices to vendors and send reminders to vendors. All these features help in maximizing vendor compliance.

Vendor Compliance on EaseMyGST
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